in grade 11 i was on the phone w this boy i wanted and i owed him a favour or something so i was like “it can be anything you want” and he was like “anything?” and im like ya thats what i fuckin said and he goes “can you explain to me how a fridge works? like how does it stay cold”

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

look at how cute you are- Betsy Wolfe performing at Transport Group’s The Music Man concert

i wrote a song cause i didn't want to see you go

Justin Taylor + Gus & JR


We Believe in Andrew Rannells! 10 Reasons to Love Broadway’s New Hedwig! http://ift.tt/1rYgapD

Hello, I’m Corey Cott from the cast of Newsies on Broadway. We’ve been nominated by the national tour of Pippin as well as the Broadway cast of Lion King, for the ALS ice bucket challenge. We are accepting your challenge we’re so thankful for nominating us. So with that, we’re gonna raise awareness. [x]


A view of the Finale from the wings. Photo by maxgordonphotography.


New favourite tweet

If I were you, I’d find him, and I’d stick a fuckin’ boot right up his ass.